Commonly asked questions about plagiarism and how to avoid them

You're probably no stranger to the issue of plagiarism, but there are a lot of details that you may still not know. If you're used to relying on online plagiarism check resources, you need to know everything about how it can be dealt with without the help of these tools.

While plagiarism check tools will save you considerable time, you need to be aware of the ways you can avert this problem. Read on these commonly asked questions for more details.

Q: Do I need to cite sources for every fact I include?

A: You don’t have to mention the sources for facts that aren’t the result of unique individual essay writing help research. Facts that are easily accessible from multiple sources and typically known to the public are considered common knowledge and are not protected by any copyright laws.

You can take the liberty of using these facts in your paper without mentioning the source. But if you’re unclear whether a fact is common knowledge or not, you should probably mention your source to be safe.

Q: Are all published works copyrighted?

The copyright laws only protect the creations that express authentic ideas or information. For instance, you collect information from the following sources without fear of plagiarism.

· Collections of readily available information, like the phone book

· Works published by the government

· Works in the public domain (provided you cite properly)

Q: If I cite the source, can I still be accused of plagiarism?

A: You can borrow ideas or phrases from other sources as long as you cite them properly you should hire assignment help experts for exam and your usage is consistent with the guidelines set by fair use laws.

However, as a rule, you shouldn't be too liberal; if it's discovered that your work primarily comprises someone else's ideas or words, you may still be charged with plagiarism.

Q: Does it matter how much was copied?

A: If even a tiny part of a work is discovered to have need assignment help it’s still considered a violation of copyright. However, the number of details that was copied probably will have a role in deciding the severity of the punishment.

A work that’s almost entirely plagiarised will definitely incur greater penalties than a work that only includes a tiny amount of plagiarised content.

These ideas will help you keep away from plagiarism issues.

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